Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry


How Obesity Affects Children and Teens

Here are some of the causes of obesity to children and teens: Anxiety With all of this turmoil in an overweight youngster’s life, he may really feel as though he doesn’t belong or fit in anywhere. He could see himself as various and an outcast. He’ll often feel lonesome as well as is less most … Read more

Teens with Sleep Problems Can Cause Self Harm

Adolescents with sleep problems were significantly more likely to report self-harm than those without sleep problems, according to the findings of a study led by Mari Hysing from Uni Research in Bergen, and published in the British Journal of Psychiatry. Insomnia, short sleep duration, long sleep onset latency, wake after sleep onset as well as … Read more

How Computer Addiction Can Affect Your Child’s Life.

Although it hasn’t been offered an “official” diagnosis, addiction-like behaviors with computer, video, and Website video gaming have noticeably increased among both teenagers and grownups. Like any addictive behavior, there are signs to try to find if you suspect your teen might have a gaming obsession. Your teen requirement just show two or three of … Read more

Depression: The Minds of the Victims

In most articles regarding depression, bipolar disorder, or the causes of self-injury, the focus is on the perspective of the bystander— the one who will treat the depressed. Most often discussed are the possible treatments, how to recognize symptoms, or the categories of bipolar disorders. Although these types of text do provide a rich source … Read more