Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry


What is Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

Teenagers are known to go through a phase where they become moody, brooding, and irritable, especially with parents. They will begin to argue and get angry as they are now emerging from the innocence of childhood, where they were fully dependent on their families, to the independence of an adult.

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Teens with Sleeping Problems are Prone to Self Harm

Adolescents with sleep problems were significantly more likely to report self-harm than those without sleep problems,¬†according to the findings of a study led by Mari Hysing from Uni Research in Bergen, and published in the British Journal of Psychiatry. Insomnia, short sleep duration, long sleep onset latency, wake after sleep onset as well as large … Read more

5 Types of Depression

teen-depressionOne of the common misconceptions of society is that there is only one type of depression. However, this misconception should be avoided as not all depressed people are diagnosed all the same. It is true that the main characteristic of depression is someone who feels down and sad most of the time. However, it should be understood that depression is caused by either two things: certain events in life or chemical imbalances in your body.

Here are the different types of depression and how they are characteristically defined and differentiated from one another.

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