Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry


Common Symptoms of Childhood Depression

 Depression can be a devastating mental health issue that can heavily affect the life of an individual. Adults can have trouble managing their day to day with it. However, it’s effects can be much more prevalent when a child is the one experiencing it. The worst part is that it can have long lasting effects on a child as they age. So you need to be on the lookout for it’s symptoms before it causes permanent damage. 

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What You Can Do About Irregular Mood Swings

Have you ever felt happy one moment and depressed the next? Well you are not alone. Nearly 10% of all adults in the US experience some form of mood swing disorder. That is nearly 33 million people in the US alone. And the majority of them can be teenagers and adults in the age range of 30-50. Luckily for the 33 million who do experience irregular mood swings, there are a few great ways you can deal with it.

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Why Mental Health Awareness Matters

A person’s mental health is one of the most valuable things they can have. Having good mental health lets you get through the day without any issues and tackle problems effectively. But do you really understand the impact mental health awareness has on you, your family and friends?

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