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5 Parenting Mistakes That Affects a Child’s Mental Health

Parenting can be a scary and exciting chapter in a person’s life. You’re going to have to raise a child for the next two or so decades, so it’s important to make sure that you’re doing it right. However, some parents can take their parenting to the extremes and make some of the worst parenting mistakes that affect their children’s mental health. 

Parenting Mistakes That Every Parent Should Know About

These extreme measures can severely affect a child’s mental health as they grow older. So the best way to avoid damaging a child’s mental health is making sure that you know what you should and shouldn’t do to them. We’ve made a list of these parenting mistakes that you should avoid in this article.

“Helicopter” Parenting

One of the worst things that a parent can do to a child is watching every movement that they make. This is called helicopter parenting and it implies that you never let them discover things on their own. Parents naturally want to protect their own children, however, shielding them from everything that life has to throw at them means that they won’t know how to deal with things once you’re no longer around to guide them. 

Excessive Punishments

Punishing a child should always be an available option for a parent. However, going overboard can leave a child scarred for the rest of their life. The worst part is that they might pass these punishments along to their own children because it’s the only way they know how to discipline a child. It’s an endless cycle that you need to break.

Isolating a Child

Isolation is the worst thing that can happen to any person of any age. However, it is even more devastating for a child or teenager. Children learn from you and their peers around them. Without any interaction, they may end up developing mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Leaving them to fend for themselves can be as dangerous as helicopter parenting so it is best to stay in the middle. 

Never Acknowledging Your Child’s Emotions

One of the most common things a parent can say to their child when they’re having a breakdown is “suck it up”. This may be a small statement, but it can have a large impact on the future of a child. Let us explain.

A great way for anybody to destress and “get things off their chest” is to share with someone they trust. It is even more essential for children because they look up to you as their guides in life. However, if you fail to acknowledge a child’s emotions it could lead to them becoming resentful. This can cause them to eventually rebel against you. 

Projecting Your Own Dreams On To Them

Parents want to make sure that their child is successful. However, some parents push their children the extra unnecessary mile to become something they don’t want to be. Children strive for parental approval and most children won’t go against their parents wishes for them to become a doctor, lawyer or something similar. However, as a child pushes forward in this career, they will struggle and their mental health will suffer.



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