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A Short Guide to ADHD in Children

ADHD is a widespread mental illness that can affect children, teenagers and adults alike. More than 10% of Americans typically suffer from it. As a parent, are you sure that you’re ready to help your child overcome this mental illness? We’re here to help you out with this short guide to ADHD.

What Is ADHD?

ADHD is a mental disorder that typically makes those affected seem like they’re constantly on a diet of caffeine and sugar. Exaggerations aside, children with this mental illness are typically restless or unable to stay put in a single location without doing something. This can hamper their development and success in the future as people with ADHD not only have trouble focusing on a task, but they also have trouble staying patient and pushing through with those tasks once they’ve started working on them.

Signs of ADHD

Catching ADHD early on can help you figure out a strategy to work with when trying to help someone overcome it. Like many other mental illnesses ADHD is easier to curb early on. Here are a few of the signs you need to look out for in your children to identify if they have ADHD or are simply being kids.


A child might seem like they’re being selfish when they show impatience in anything. However it can also be a sign that they have ADHD. Another thing to look out for is if a person refuses to do tasks that take awhile. Tasks like cooking, gardening, and writing are just some of the things that a person with ADHD will struggle with.


This is the signature “H” in ADHD and what differentiates it from ADD. A person with ADHD tends to be very fidgety and ready to start running around at any moment. When given the chance they’ll do things as though they’ve just had a massive dose of caffeine and move around when its not needed. They won’t do it quietly either and they tend to make a lot of noise when having a fit.


Disinterest can be considered the “AD” or ”Attention Deficit” part of ADHD. Someone with ADHD can easily start with doing a task however, they almost always end up struggling to finish it. Similar to a caffeine burnout, this can make it difficult for someone to completely finish a task before moving on to another without either pushing themselves or someone else pushing them forward. Disinterest can also show in the person not paying attention when someone is speaking to them. 


A child with ADHD typically does not wait for anything and immediately does things without thinking of the consequences. They might buy a toy without thinking of the fact that they need that money for lunch. This can easily lead to them squandering their money and time on the most pointless things you can imagine and easily hamper their progress in important tasks.

Having a child with ADHD can be quite a challenge and the best thing you can do is to support them throughout the years. However, that doesn’t mean you have to face it on your own. Professional help can go a long way with helping you and your child get through it together. Contact us at the CNS Center of Arizona and we’ll be more than happy to help you and your child face the challenge of ADHD.



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