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Get off from Social Media: Activities Beneficial for Teen Mental Health

Teen Mental Health

As parents, one of the best things to do for your children is to encourage them to get
out, be lively and go anywhere far from social media.

Today, everyone seems to be spending more time in scrolling, liking and reacting to
social media posts than experiencing everything in real life.

According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), social media has
been linked to depression and anxiety among the users. Moreover, researchers also
concluded based on tests that being online for long periods of time may also cause
ADHD, paranoia, and loneliness.

If you don’t want your children to get imprisoned in the four corners of their
smartphone’s screen, then you may want to introduce them to some activities that can
improve their general well-being.

1. Exercise

Exercise has many proven benefits for people of all ages. Here are the many
ways exercise helps boost mental health:

 It releases endorphins making people happier.

 It has a positive impact on the levels of serotonin which helps in regulating
mood and social behavior and other brain functions critical for good
mental health.

 With exercise, you can sleep better.

 It helps in building up self-esteem and positive mindset.

Here’s a Study That Shows How Climbing Trees Can Improve Cognitive Ability

2. Nature

On average, we spend most of our time indoors when there are many benefits of
getting outdoors.

 It improves concentration.

 It can be a good form exercise.

 You can gain Vitamin D.

 It relaxes the mind.

3. Volunteering

When teens experience to be part of something big like helping others, they will
be able to establish a more positive outlook in life.

 Recycling

 Coaching younger kids

 Help elderly neighbors

4. Entrepreneurship

It’s normal for your teenage kids to want to have money of their own. You may
suggest for them to do part-time jobs such as tutoring, babysitting, and selling
baked goods.

5. Classes

You can enroll them in classes where they are most interested in. This will be a
good chance for them to explore other areas of learning. Making them attend
interesting classes will make reduce their idle time.

 Photography

 Pottery

 Gardening

 Painting



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