Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry


How Art Therapy Can Help in Improving Mental Health

Patients with mental health often have difficulty in releasing negative, pent-up emotions, expressing and overcoming their stress, or exploring and tapping into different aspects of their own personalities. Art, being an expressive medium where artists can pour their thoughts and feelings into, have long been used as an outlet to treat psychological disorders, enhance mental … Read more

First Time Moms and How They Deal with Post Partum Depression

One of the major types of depression is post-partum depression. This is often experienced by mothers who had just given birth and it tends to be scary for those who are completely new to motherhood. To be clear with this, post-partum is a normal event. After all, a mother has unconditional love for her child, … Read more

Tourette Syndrome: What It Is And How It Affects Us

The term, “Tourette” may sound like a small tower projecting from a medieval castle, however, this should not be confused with “turret”. Tourette is actually named after the French doctor in the 19th century, George Gilles de la Tourette, who was the first doctor to describe the syndrome in detail after observing the symptoms from … Read more

Understanding Traumatic Experiences

Traumatic experiences are disturbing or distressing events that have occurred in an individual’s past. These experiences are not classified as traumatic based on objective facts, because it is the individual’s subjective experience that determines whether they have been traumatized. The more frightened and helpless a person feels, the more likely it would be personally considered … Read more

Helpful Apps for Children and Adults with ADHD

One of the biggest problems for any ADHD person, adult and children alike, is how to divert their attention positively or at least create some sense of order into their chaotic minds. This is one of the biggest challenges that these people have to endure. Luckily, technology of today has advanced so well, apps are … Read more

Obsessive Compulsive Behavior – What You Need To Know

For normal people, double checking something is a trivial task, but people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder cannot move forward without these repeated checks. Perhaps this is the most observed effect among people with OCD – the need to perform rituals and routines even if it becomes a hindrance to doing things of greater importance. This … Read more

The constant movement of children with ADHD helps them learn, cope in school

The constant movement seen in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may just be their way of trying to learn, cope and otherwise perform better cognitively. This in a nutshell is what a recent research study from UC Davis Mind Institute suggests. The hyperactivity may be compensatory behavior on the part of children with ADHD to … Read more

How To Know If Your Teen is Being Molested

Most of the time, children bear the brunt of abuse. Statistics show that abuse (whether physical, sexual or psychological) does not come from strangers, but more often from people that children know. Studies show that 65% of child molestation or incest come from homes where there are more than 6 or people inhabiting the same … Read more