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Can Our Bodies Function Without Vitamins and Minerals?

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Do you think our bodies can function properly without having most of the important vitamins and minerals? To put it simply, no, our bodies can’t handle living without any of these important vitamins and minerals as they are an important element in our bodies. But, why? Well, continue reading and you’ll learn why they are important.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are important nutrients since they serve dozens of functions in the body. There is a delicate line between having enough of these important nutrients and consuming too much, which can be dangerous for your body. A balanced diet is still the best method to ensure that you obtain enough vitamins and minerals. However, sometimes, due to life’s circumstances, some may be unable to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals with food alone. 

With that, some, if not most people tend to take vitamin and mineral supplements to substitute for food to be able to get these nutrients. This is because with the amount of vitamins and minerals one’s body needs, sometimes, it is hard to eat numerous foods just to get these nutrients.

What are their Functions?

Your body creates skin, muscle, and bone on a daily basis. It produces rich red blood that transports nutrients and oxygen to far regions, as well as nerve messages that travel thousands of miles across brain and body circuits. Moreover, it creates chemical signals that travel from one organ to the next, transmitting instructions that keep you alive.

However, in order to perform all of this, the body requires several things. These comprise at least 30 vitamins, minerals, and nutritional elements which the body needs but cannot produce in adequate quantities on its own.

Vitamins and minerals are regarded as important nutrients because, when combined, they execute dozens of functions in the body. They strengthen bones, promote healing, and boost your immune system. In addition, they turn food into energy and heal cellular damage. And without these vitamins and minerals, your body will be unable to do these bodily functions. 

Each vitamin and mineral has its own function in the body. Each has its own way of protecting  and healing the body. But even if they have each of their own things to do, leaving one out can cause some serious damage to the body and cause you to develop a number of chronic illnesses.

So, without the needed vitamins and minerals in your body, it can lead to very serious complications. Although you might not see the signs of any deficiency at first, if you don’t get enough of your needed nutrients, you will be the one to suffer later on.


To prevent any of these complications, make sure that your body gets what it needs. But be aware that you’re not getting too much of it too because getting too many vitamins and minerals can also lead to other complications. Also, don’t forget to consult with your doctor as your needs could be different from other individuals.



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