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The Long Term Mental Health Effects of Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma is something that many parents disregard when taking care of their kids. This type of disregard can have dire consequences for the child in question. The reason for this problems is that childhood trauma can have a long lasting effect on the development of children. But what exactly are these effects?


December 16th, 2020

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How Music Therapy Can Improve Your Life

Depression can be a crippling disorder that affects millions worldwide in today’s day and age. As the number of people that are affected by depression grows, so does the need for many therapies that can help them cope with sadness. One of these therapies that emerged to tackle depression, is music therapy.


November 25th, 2019

Posted In: Child Mental Health, Depression, Teen Mental Health

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Understanding Tourette’s Syndrome

What is Tourette’s Syndrome?

Tourette’s Syndrome is a disorder that can affect 1 in 162 people and can easily affect a person’s social life. This disorder is characterized by several “tics” that happen daily. These tics are actions that a patient repeats over and over again over the course of their life. These tics can manifest in either actions or vocalizations. 


September 20th, 2019

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How to Nurture Your Children’s Mental Health

Your children’s mental health plays the most important part in their social and cognitive development. It is during this early stage in life when they shape their brain’s structure and build foundation for all their lifelong skills such as problem-solving, social interaction and self-control. (more…)

December 18th, 2018

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