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Depression: Learning How It Affects Children

Depression is said to be one of the silent killers in society. It can affect all people no matter what their economic status is, their gender or their age. Even children today do experience depression and the negative effects it entails. Some people think that depression only affects older people as they may have a tendency to overthink about their problems. But this is a wrong belief because children are also among those groups of people that are affected by this psychological state.

In Phoenix and Paradise Valley, a lot of factors also contribute to the high risk of children being depressed. Some of these factors include socio-economic status, hunger, lack of attention given by parents and bullying among many others. These factors, when ignored, can increase the chances of children experiencing massive depression attacks even at early ages.

What others fail to see about this condition are the bad effects it can have and the reaction of both the physical body and the mental health of these children. Depression greatly affects a person’s way of thinking. In severe cases, people tend to temporarily forget (assuming that it is not intentional) to take care of themselves.

For children’s cases, they end up losing appetite and they begin to feel restless even at night. This puts a toll on their bodies and their health. Because their body is weak, their mind cannot perform its cognitive functions well. Because of this, children experience noticeable effects of depression, such as sudden weight loss, refusal to eat, being irritable and not being able to respond properly in situations that need their actions.

Cases of children affected by depression are more delicate because of the fact that they are not as good as adults when it comes to dealing with the effects of it. Unlike adults, children at early ages cannot do activities that can serve as their “outlet” for negative emotions. They cannot drink alcohol or be engaged in physical activities such as sports because their bodies cannot handle the rigors of these events.

It is then important for parents, school authorities and even government officials to see to it that proper actions are taken to avoid the onset of depression attacks among children. If there is any way to prevent it from happening, they should do everything they can to do so. Otherwise, they will be forced to deal with the undesirable effects of depression as seen in many children in places such as Phoenix and Paradise Valley. There is no need to wait for these to happen when you can already prevent the problem.



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