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Effect of Illicit Drugs on Mental Health

The effect of illicit drugs on mental health is a widely known topic. These types of drugs are usually used by individuals who are looking for a way to forget about the problems that they have in life. However, what many of them don’t realize is that these drugs may be the source of their problems. 

The Negative Effects of Illicit Drugs On Mental Health

Illicit drugs like PCP, methamphetamines, or cannabis are all commonly taken drugs that have a relaxing effect on individuals who take them. However, they have a major impact on their mental health in several ways. We’re going to take a look at these effects in today’s article so you’re aware of the dangers that they pose.

Higher Chance To Develop Mental Health Problems Like Depression

One of the most common mental health problems that is affecting the world is depression. It can be described as extreme sadness with little explanation as to why the person is feeling that way. Depression is a dangerous mental health problem alongside many others because it affects a person’s outlook on life and their ability to function in day to day life. Drug use makes it easier for an individual to develop depression and even amplifies their effects.

Personality Changes Due To Drug Addiction

The effect of illicit drugs doesn’t only affect your mental health. It also affects your personality. Your personality is what makes you who you are and dictates how you act in a given situation. Drugs and illicit substances can cause subtle and extreme changes in the personality of a person. These personality changes can sometimes even be permanent unless professional assistance is received. 

Short Term Psychosis

Drugs are often taken in for their immediate effect on a person. These immediate effects include a relaxing effect or pleasure inducing effect that most addicts will want to keep coming back to. However, these short term effects that they will be going after will also have unsavory side effects. These side effects can even include psychosis where they will put themselves at risk. These risks include putting themselves in harms way or taking even more illicit substances that can cause long term brain damage.

Long Term Brain Damage

Drugs are known for giving people a sense of pleasure and relaxation when they’re taken in. However, these are short term benefits that can quickly spiral into long term brain damage. Most illicit drugs will cause permanent and long term damage to the brain as it changes the chemical balance in the brain and kills the cells in the brain.

Final Thoughts

The effects of illicit drugs on mental health should be understood as much as possible. Understanding these effects puts into perspective why you should ensure that you stay away from these drugs as much as possible or get help in case you’ve already gotten addicted to them. The best way to make sure that you minimize the effect of these substances is to avoid them as much as possible.



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