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Helpful Apps for Children and Adults with ADHD

One of the biggest problems for any ADHD person, adult and children alike, is how to divert their attention positively or at least create some sense of order into their chaotic minds. This is one of the biggest challenges that these people have to endure. Luckily, technology of today has advanced so well, apps are being created to cater to different kinds of people from different walks of life.

In fact, people with ADHD can greatly benefit from the right apps. Fortunately, there are different apps with different uses.

Some apps are used to help with the issue of distraction. A great example for that is RescueTime. This app allows people to monitor the time they use to spend on things and if they are being wise about it. Furthermore, it helps you become self-conscious on how much time you’ve burned at the computer. Bonus? It has a free version and if the app really satisfies you, you can buy the full app. In the full version, it limits your time on certain websites or apps to help you with time management.

Another app that helps with distraction is Focus@Will. The name itself suggests that it is designed to help better your focus and attention. It has specially engineered technology wherein audio similar to the frequencies of the human voice are removed because people with ADHD are often inclined to pay attention to these frequencies and thus distracts them. Unfortunately, this app is only free for the first 30 days of use.

Now there are two apps that are highly efficient when paired and can help with both productivity and focus, Freedom and Anti-Social. These two are designed to block the Internet from your devices and social media respectively. All you have to do is to arrange a schedule on when these apps will block you and you’re good to go.

If you want to be reminded in an ‘epic’ way, Epic Win is something to consider. Though this app is a to-do-list, it makes things easier by making the simplest of chore sound like an adventure. Whether you’re out doing groceries or washing the dishes, you can level up by doing these tasks. Unfortunately, this app is only exclusive to iPhone users. Its Android counterpart is Task Hammer.

If you’re the type who is more productive when someone nags you, there’s an app for that. Nag is a timer app that follows you up every single time until you finally acknowledge that you need to do certain tasks. Annoying, but it does work for some people.

How about money management? Yes, there is an app for that. You Need a Budget or YNAB is a money management app designed to prevent impulse buying or making unnecessary purchases and expenses. It also monitors your spending pattern and provides reminders.

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