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How Computer Addiction Can Affect Teens and Children


With today’s generation, it’s easy for children to be addicted to technology. Though it has some positive effects on children’s learning, prolonged exposure and thus, computer addiction can actually harm your children’s mental health. Here are some of the most common mental/social effect of computer addiction to teens and children:

Concealing From Negative or Unpleasant Feelings or Scenarios.
Some individuals end up being addicted to video gaming because they utilize it to self-medicate. When faced with circumstances or sensations that are uncomfortable (sensation unfortunate, suggesting with a friend, or getting a bad grade), the person may “conceal” in the video game as an approach of avoidance.


When confronted or asked about his time invested pc gaming, a person might end up being defensive. Denial is commonly an indicator that something is wrong, particularly if the person seems unconcerned that friends and family feel overlooked or left out of his life.

Misuse of Cash.

Somebody who is addicted to video, computer, or Web pc gaming will invest an out of proportion quantity of money on computer-related products. The person will certainly appear to be continually upgrading hardware, software plans, and devices. This becomes an even greater issue if the individual invests money that should be used for expenses, groceries, and other requirements.

Blended Sensations.

As with any addiction, use of the “substance”– in this case, the computer game– initially causes blissful feelings, but that euphoria is rapidly followed by sense of guilt. Sense of guilt might be felt either over exactly what the person is doing while online or just the quantity of time he is spending at the computer system.

This list is not extensive. It supplies caution indicators for father and mothers, buddies, and other family members to look for if they are concerned about someone’s use of video, computer system, or Internet games. This list can likewise be used as a self-diagnosis tool for those who believe they may have a problem.

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