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How Does ADHD Challenge Your Kid’s Performance in School?

Most of the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) show before
kids reach school age. However, if these symptoms have been observed in school, then
chances are these kids are already having trouble keeping up with other children their

What are the common ADHD symptoms among kids?

ADHD is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that can affect a child’s school
performance as well as their relationships. ADHD symptoms vary depending on
individual cases so they can be difficult to recognize.

The average age of diagnosis among children is 7 years old. For you to have an idea,
here are the most common signs of ADHD in children.

Self-focused behavior – They are mostly unable to recognize the needs of
others. Usually, they interrupt into conversations or other dealings that they are
not part of. They also find it hard to wait for their turn.

Emotional Instability – They can’t control their emotions so you may see them
having temper tantrums or they express intense emotions at inappropriate times

Lack of Focus – They have very short attention span even if someone is talking
directly to them. They tend to show interest in almost everything so finishing
tasks could be really difficult.

They’re all over the place – You can’t make them to sit still or stay in a fixed
place for long. They are always on their feet, running and playing around.

Zoning Out – Some kids with ADHD are always quiet, sitting still and staring into
space. They don’t mind anything that surrounds them.

How Does ADHD Challenge Your Kid’s Performance in School?

These are some of the symptoms kids with ADHD may display. As you see, these
symptoms can give both the kids and their teachers a hard time. Here are the things
teachers might observe around kids who have ADHD.

 They are very talkative. They talk nonstop, disrupting other students during quiet
work time.

 They don’t go well with other kids because they display self-focused behavior.

 They can’t accomplish even the simplest tasks in the classroom. Children who
have ADHD get easily distracted.

 They don’t communicate at all. They just stare blankly into space, daydreaming.
As parents, you need to consider giving the child all the support they need when they
constantly display these symptoms that it affects almost all aspects of their daily life.



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