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How Social Media Affects Your Mental Health

Today, the internet has seemingly turned into a necessity. Its applications are endless. Through
it, we are able to do the things that were unimaginable back then. With just a few clicks, we’ll get
all the information we need into our hands. We can communicate to family and friends anytime
and anywhere.

With social media and all other emerging technologies, it’s safe to say that the world has never
been more connected like it is today than ever before.

However, we also can’t deny that the internet still has drawbacks no matter how valuable it can

Social media was invented to establish better connections between people. But does it really
make us all ‘connected’? Is it the same for everybody? We have been too hooked to social
media lately that we don’t notice its effects in our mental and emotional well-being.

We have gathered here a few ways social media can affect our mental and emotional health.

1. It depicts life in a very unrealistic way.

Let’s face it. Social media is often a platform where people show the positively biased
versions of their lives. What’s concerning is that this issue of ‘showing off’ on social
media is beginning to bring impact on the ways people behave in the real world. It’s
becoming unhealthy to the point that people base their worth on what they post on their

2. It causes envy among users.

Because of the unrealistic posts on social media, the users tend to develop envy
especially towards their own peers. It has turned into vicious a cycle, to be honest. This
envy could turn into anxiety and depression.

3. It can make us feel depressed and lonely.

As ironic as it may sound, social media can also make us feel detached. Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter might be too good to resist. It boosts us up with all its content. But
once we put our devices away, adjusting to the real world can be quite difficult.
More often, people tend to compare their lives with others. It creates a feeling of being
socially isolated, making them feel depressed.

4. It can harm our relationships.

If you don’t think before you click, social media can cause conflicts to relationships.

5. It can be highly addictive.

Internet addiction exists. Social media platforms are designed to be addictive. Because
of what these platforms offer, people may consider these as part of their lives that they
can’t get away from. And no matter how they affect their well-being, they just can’t stop.

For us to avoid social media induced mental health problems such as depression, we should all
be aware of these effects. We should be guided that what we see in social media is not really
what it is in the real world. If you ever find yourself getting worked up by social media, the best

thing to do is to pause and remember to stop comparing your life. Focus on what’s real and
enjoy life!



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