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How To Avoid Depression Triggers During The Holidays

As much as the holidays are ideally seen as the most relaxing season of the year, some people think otherwise. For them, the holidays is the most stressful season because of the many things to do and events to attend to. Sometimes, it is these very things that serve as triggers for those who are sensitive to certain topics and/or events.

Here are a few notes on what depressive triggers you should look out for and what measure you should take to avoid relapse.

One of the most common triggers are family gatherings. Instead of feeling happy that everyone is together, sometimes the very thought makes you feel depressed. It creates a more negative effect if you have a family member that is toxic or says/does something unfavorable or if family events are daunting. However, you can work around this by not expecting the worst, making a game plan and giving yourself a limit.

Another trigger is the over-commercialization of the holidays. This may seem to be an unusual reason but it does happen especially if you are the type who get easily anxious when you know that there is so much to buy for your loved ones but have so little money and time. Stop right there and breathe! Don’t you think that there’s more to Christmas than getting the perfect gifts? Why not take the time and opportunity to spend time with them or go back to the traditions and beliefs that had made you look forward to the season? It’s high time that we bring back the real spirit.

One trigger that’s hard to get over is commitment – or rather over-commitment. People simply love to say yes, however, when they could not meet it, they start getting depressed. It is important to know that there is nothing wrong to saying NO once in a while. And if you think that it is only valid if you have a good reason, better think again. You don’t need a reason to say no.

Finally, the most triggering factor during the holidays are the financial woes. From gift buying to the bills, there is so much to be done and to spend for. Why not stop for a moment. Yes, the bills need to be paid but is every single utility that important for the holiday season? What about the gifts? Do you think these gifts are that important or do they really come from the heart? You have to remember that you need to put yourself and your survival first before buying that expensive gift for a relative. However, if you really want to meet both ends, budgeting your money and canvassing is the best way to go.



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