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How to Calm Down Quickly During an Anxiety Attack

If you have experienced having an anxiety attack before, then you probably know how
terrifying it can be. The moment you are having an anxiety attack, making it stop may
seem impossible. Luckily, there are some steps you can try to manage the intensity of
the symptoms.

These are some steps you can try to calm down when having an anxiety attack.

#1 Take notice of your breathing pattern.

Poor breathing habits can contribute to anxiety and its symptoms. If it’s difficult to
take a deep breath, then you may try to slow down your breathing.

In order to control it, you may begin by slowly and gently breathing in and out
through your nose for around ten seconds. Hold it in shortly for about three seconds
and then breathe out through pursed lips for another ten seconds.

This breathing method will make you avoid hyperventilation which is a common
problem of those who are battling anxiety. You may repeat this as many times as
you need until your breathing normalizes.

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#2 Try to shifting your attention to ground yourself back to reality.

When having an anxiety attack, you may try focusing on tangible things around. This
will help you get away from your thoughts and get back to what’s real. You may try
noticing the clutter on your desk and think around these things.

#3 Get hydrated.

Drinking water can be your lifesaver when having an anxiety attack. You can actually
prevent an attack from happening when you are hydrated throughout the day.

#4 Get a feel of it and let it all out.

Another good coping mechanism is to stop fighting it. Sometimes, the more you try
to suppress it, the worse it becomes. So, instead of resisting panic and anxiety, you
may try embracing it. Transfer to a more private space where you can let it all out.
When you let go of all the anxiety clogged in your system, you’ll surely feel a sense
of peace afterwards.

Have you ever tried any of the steps mentioned above? How do you cope with your
anxiety? If you want to understand more about it and how to deal with it, feel free to
reach out to us. We’ll be glad to help.

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