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How To Stop An Anxiety Attack

An anxiety attack can be a scary and overwhelming experience for anyone. These attacks are symptoms that do not only manifest emotional or psychological disability, but also physical issues such as difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, and trembling.

In some cases, anxiety attacks show severe intensity that individuals who experience it feel like they are having a stroke or a heart attack. And while it is nice to receive some support from the people around us, it’d be wise to know how to handle the situation even if you’re on your own. After all, there’s no one else more capable of overcoming it than yourself.

Acknowledge The Situation

Anxiety attacks often root from fearing the unknown. However, having a good idea of why they happen or what exactly triggered them can help ease the attack. By acknowledging and understanding the situation, you can feel more in control of the situation. This, in turn, will help you calm yourself to reduce the intensity of your anxiety attack.

Distract Yourself

While it’s true that it’s relatively hard to focus on anything else other than your own emotions and thoughts during an anxiety attack, it will help if you try to put your mind elsewhere. If you’re finding it hard to gather happy thoughts or to even focus on a different kind of idea, you can start by focusing on an object in your immediate area. By focusing on an object, your train of thought will eventually reset as it tries to bring up memories and ideas relating to the object. In a way, this can help you shed negative thoughts and fear that you initially had.

This is also a good preventive measure for anxiety attacks. By keeping your focus somewhere else, your brain gets distracted from fearful and anxious ideas. The goal here is to positively channel your thoughts in a different matter. And with practice, this can even help you ease your anxiety in entirety.

Release Some Tension

One good way to ease anxiety attacks is by opting for a relaxing activity that you enjoy. This can be in the form of meditation, breathing exercise, or simply by sipping tea. The secret here is to encourage relaxation and reduce stress to calm the mind. If you can begin to relax, you can effectively control your response and stop the attack.



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