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How to Truly Help Your Children Cope with Social Anxiety

It can be a real challenge for most parents to help their child overcome their anxiety. It is
because of the fact that a child’s anxiety can get worse as they grow, that parents get even
more determined to provide their children all the help that they need. It’s normal for parents to
be protective, anyway.

However, it is also worth noting that socially anxious children may react differently to how their
parents and guardians interact with them.

If you have an extremely shy child, you’re definitely not alone. To help you through, here are
some pointers that will guide you on what to do and not do to help your kids manage their

1. Always remember that the goal is to help your children manage their anxiety.

Parents normally resort to reassuring their worrying child that there is nothing to worry
about. Children who are having anxiety attacks are having difficulty to control their

A better approach would be showing them that you are with them no matter what.
Anxiety can’t be eliminated at an instant. It’s a process of acceptance and tolerance until
they can manage it on their own.

These Tips Will Help You Understand Your Children Better
2. Let your children face their fears.

It’s actually the best way to conquer fears. As they say,
“You can run, but you can’t hide.” Avoiding things that make your kid anxious can ease
their anxiety for now but it’s not helping them in the long run.

3. Teach your child to have accurate thinking rather than positive thinking.

While it’s good to be optimistic, worrying is still the brain’s natural defense mechanism.
Being certain is better. It’s ideal to guide your kids on how to process their way of
thinking. In this way, they’ll not be drowned in the pool of anxiety.

Getting through anxiety is a process. If you really want your child to control his anxiety then you
have to be the best example for your child. Keep calm and carry on.



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