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Natural Ways To Treat Depression

Depression is one of those mental illnesses that one should be vigilant in looking out for. It is not because they can go off at any moment but because this disease calls for a complex list of prescription drugs to be taken at certain or specific points of the day.

Having a long medication list can be intimidating, much more if you are someone who is suffering from a mental illness such as depression. In fact, although medications help the person deal with the diseases, it can also be dangerous as these medications tend to have side effects that can affect one’s health, lifestyle and relationships with other people. Furthermore, these medicines don’t come cheap and most patients often have to deal with depression with most of their life without medication because of the cost.

It is because of these factors that many are now calling for alternative ways in treating depression while either reducing the amount of medicines being taken or removing them completely. Here are some alternative ways on how you can treat depression. Take note that these are not absolute solutions and may not work for everyone.

One of the most recommended ways is to put yourself into a routine. People with depression often have a stagnant lifestyle but getting them to fall into a routine will not only help them place their mind in a good place but also allow them to get minimal exercise such as walking. Though creating a routine and sticking to it may prove to be difficult, it will be worthwhile in the long run.

Once you have a daily routine, it is time to set up goals. Depression often leaves one feeling like they cannot accomplish anything in their life and this often leads to them spiraling down. However, setting up goals will help you focus and this will serve as a shining beacon for them to keep on staying positive. It does not have to be big goals as you can start off simple such as cleaning the house, taking out the trash, cooking dinner, doing the dishes, eating more healthy food or even getting up to walk every day. Remember that these have to be do-able within a day at least.

While you’re at it, get enough sleep. As much a depression makes it hard for one to sleep, too little sleep makes it worse. You can do this by adjusting your lifestyle such as eliminating distractions before bed or drinking a cup of hot cocoa or chamomile tea before going to bed. Also eliminate or reduce your caffeine intake during the day as too much caffeine reduces your serotonin levels.

If you think about having a lesser type of medication, you can always ask your doctor if you can take supplements. Fish oil and folic acid are just some of those that seem to help in easing depression. However if you are still under medication, it is best to discuss this first before leaping headfirst.



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