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Overcoming Eating Disorders: Binge Eating

It is common for most of us to eat too much from time to time. However, if you find
yourself overeating regularly, to the point that you feel that you’re not able to stop
yourself, then you might be suffering from binge eating disorder or BED.

It can be difficult to spot someone who has binge eating disorder. If you are suffering
from BED, you may feel ashamed of your eating habits that you try to hide your
symptoms by eating away from people.

Binge eating can severely impact your physical, emotional, social and overall well-
being. The good thing is that people can recover from it. If others can, then so can you.
Here are some tips that can help you recover from BED.

1. Remind yourself that food is a necessity to sustain us with our nutritional

– You should not treat food as something to find comfort in. Don’t allow yourself
to rely on food to improve your emotional state.

– It would help if you get rid of unhealthy food that cause you to binge.

– Also, learn to separate physical hunger from emotional hunger.

– Eating is not a good activity to pass time. Find a real hobby.

– After eating a lot, it can be normal to feel the need to eat less to compensate
for the excessive eating. Just remember that doing this may make you feel
deprived and make you want to eat more later.

2. When you get the feelings that make you urge for food, try to take a pause
and re-evaluate what you really need.

What is going on, really? How are you feeling? It helps to identify first where your
feeling is coming from. Try to work on that. Always remember that your feelings
or emotions don’t define who you are.

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3. Develop a healthy lifestyle.

– Get enough sleep.

– Exercise more frequently.

– Be more sociable.

– Find ways to manage your stress levels.

If you commit to ways that improve your health, everything else follows. Your
mood gets better and you don’t crave that much.

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