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Overcoming Eating Disorders: Bulimia

Food can be a good friend to us when we feel down. But sometimes, our strange
relationship with food may lead to troublesome eating disorders. One of which is what
we call bulimia.

Bulimia nervosa or simply bulimia is a serious eating disorder that follows the cycle of
binge eating and then making up by doing extreme means to avoid weight gain.

Those who have bulimia may try vomiting or working out excessively as ‘punishment’ to
themselves from eating too much. This however may critically damage one’s overall

If you are someone living with this eating disorder, then your health might be at risk.
Thankfully, with the right effort and support, you can be able to break this cycle, learn to
control your emotions and stay on top of your health.

Are You Suffering from Anorexia? Here’s How to Know.

To help you out, we have prepared here a guide on how you can gradually overcome
bulimia and its symptoms.

 Believing that your worth depends on your weight can be outright distressing. If
you want to recover from being bulimic, you need to be aware of how distorted
your perception of food is.

 Try to share the burden with those who you can trust. It can be really difficult to
open up when you have been hiding your condition for so long but you still need
someone to be there for you as your support system.

 Avoid everything that makes you want to binge or purge. There are many factors
that lead you to binging and purging. It can be TV shows, blog sites, publications
or even people. Unplug yourself from those that promote bulimia.

 Make sure that you also get the help that you need for other related conditions
such as anxiety or depression.

 Don’t be hesitant in seeking professional help. There are professionals out there
who specialize in treating eating disorders. They are trained to help you cope and



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