Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry


The Effect of Isolation on Mental Health

One of the most common problems in today’s global situation is the fact that many people face mental health concerns. These mental health problems range from anxiety to depression. One cause of the development of these mental health issues is how people are more isolated and secluded than ever before. Isolation damages a person’s mental … Read more

What Parents Should Know About Teen Mental Health

Keeping a watchful eye on your teen’s mental health is just as important as monitoring his or her physical health. Mental health issues often emerge during various tumultuous growth and change that accompany adolescence. During these years of transitioning, teens can easily get overwhelmed with all the pressures and issues they encounter. These factors often … Read more

Understanding Eating Disorders

Oftentimes, people dismiss eating disorders as a bad lifestyle choice; however, they are actually serious and, sometimes, fatal mental conditions that can cause severe disturbances in a person’s eating behavior. They are characterized by irregular eating habits and obsession about body weight or shape.

How Art Therapy Can Help in Improving Mental Health

Patients with mental health often have difficulty in releasing negative, pent-up emotions, expressing and overcoming their stress, or exploring and tapping into different aspects of their own personalities. Art, being an expressive medium where artists can pour their thoughts and feelings into, have long been used as an outlet to treat psychological disorders, enhance mental … Read more