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Recognizing The Symptoms of Early Onset Dementia

Dementia is a mental illness that many people in their elder years will get. However, it has also been seen in younger individuals and can affect them as early as their thirties. Early onset dementia is not uncommon and can cause a person to lose their identity as it progresses. But what exactly are the warning signs of this dangerous mental illness?

The Signs of Early Onset Dementia You Should Know

Early onset dementia affects a number of people without them knowing it. Sometimes even medical professionals will find it difficult to diagnose someone with early onset dementia as they look for it in older individuals. However, if you can recognize the signs then you can do something about it early to slow it’s progress. 

Short Term Memory Problems

One of the most common signs of dementia in general is that a person would have memory problems. However, once a person starts forgetting things that are important like where their home is then the dementia has already progressed too far. You have to pay attention to small changes in their memory to be able to catch it early

Short term memory can include anything from where they left a particular item a few hours ago or what they need to do in a specific room. Forgetting these could be a subtle sign that there might be a problem

Presence of Other Mental Illnesses Like Depression

A common occurrence in people who have dementia is that they tend to have other mental disorders. This can include anything from depression to ptsd. These mental disorders can severely harm the person experiencing it, both physically and mentally 

Problems Recognizing Things, Events and People

Recognizing things is something that a normal person will not struggle with. However, a person who struggles to recognize their next door neighbor after having a drink with them a few weeks ago could be experiencing early onset dementia. Once again, subtlety is a recurring theme as they could forget for a few seconds before suddenly remembering after struggling for a bit.

Bouts of Confusion

Another common sign of early onset dementia is that a person could end up confused and lost in their day to day lives. This is caused by the fact that they suddenly don’t recognize their family, friends and coworkers or they could end up forgetting what they need to do each day. They could end up forgetting people for a few seconds before snapping out of it and suddenly recognizing someone again.

What Can You Do About Early Onset Dementia?

Now that you know what signs to look out for, you should also take the time to find out the options available to you. These options can range from anything between therapy, and medication however, none of them would be effective without the intervention of a trained professional who can properly diagnose and treat this disorder. CNS Center Arizona has the best trained professionals to deal with all types of mental disorders like depression, early onset dementia, PTSD, the autism spectrum and many more. Contact us today for a consultation.



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