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Signs and Symptoms of High Functioning Depression

Depression has many different shapes and forms that you might encounter. However, all of them will cause issues in an individual who is experiencing them. Even if it isn’t as obvious as it might seem. This is the case for individuals who have high functioning depression.

What is High Functioning Depression?

You might be wondering what high functioning depression is. Simply put, high functioning depression is a type of depression that can exist in a completely normal individual. Unlike regular depression, individuals with high functioning depression can still function like a normal person albeit with a few flashes of depression symptoms here and there. Despite the lower severity of this type of depression, high functioning depression should still be treated as it can worsen later on. 

What Are The Signs of High Functioning Depression?

The first step to properly helping an individual with any type of depression is to be able to identify the signs and symptoms. High functioning depression in particular will have more difficult to spot signs than regular depression, as the person affected by it isn’t as heavily affected. Nonetheless, the signs of high functioning depression become obvious once you take a deeper look.

Lack of Proper Self Care

One of the most obvious signs of this type of depression is how an individual will neglect proper self care. This includes taking showers regularly, and brushing their teeth. It isn’t to the same degree as an individual with full blown depression, but they will often have lapsing periods of minimal self care.

The Presence of Certain Bad Habits and Vices

Habits are part of every person’s routine and personality. Each person will have their own habits unique to them. However, some of these habits can become vices that could affect their day to day life. This is often the case for individuals who use these bad habits and vices to shrug away their depression.

Subtle Negativity

An individual who is depressed will often have negativity surrounding their lives. This shows itself in how they interact with other people. However, individuals with high functioning depression will show their negativity in less subtle ways that are often not obvious to someone who isn’t paying attention. For example, a person with high functioning depression may make passing remarks that may come off as jokes to friends and family, but are actually a silent cry for help.

Eating Disorders

A common symptom of high functioning depression is a number of eating disorders. This includes stress eating and excessive abstinence. Food is always an essential part of our day to day life, however, excessive eating or lack thereof should always be taken as a sign that there is something wrong. 

Final Thoughts

High functioning depression is an issue that is often hidden from the world. Someone who has it may not even realize that they’re experiencing the symptoms of high functioning depression. The worst part is that it might develop into something worse later on. Luckily, catching the signs and symptoms we’ve listed down can help you prevent the worst case scenario from happening.



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