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The Best Ways to Recover From a Panic Attack

Imagine this: one day you’re just walking down the road when suddenly you have a sudden feeling of dread. This feeling stops you from moving and it causes your flight or fight response to go haywire. This is what is called a panic attack. 

Panic Disorder and Panic Attacks Explained

“What exactly is panic disorder?” Is something that’s probably in your mind right now after reading our previous example. The simple answer is that panic disorder is when a person experiences a sudden wave of panic that comes out of the blue. This is a problem as it can affect a person’s life in varying ways. Work and education being disrupted by this is something that people suffering from it experience constantly. 

So to help those suffering from it, we’ve put together a number of ways you can effectively recover from a panic attack or help someone who is experiencing one.

Recognize the Signs of a Panic Attack

Panic attacks may seem like they come from out of nowhere, but they actually have a few subtle signs that you can pick up on if you’re experiencing one. Some of the signs include the following:

  • Your heart rate starts increasing
  • Your palms are slowly becoming sweaty
  • Your breathing becomes more labored and heavy
  • Your vision starts blurring in and out

Do note that not every panic attack will be the same intensity, so make sure that you keep in mind these signs to catch it before it catches you off guard. Once you’ve identified that you’re having a panic attack, you can more easily use the following tips to help you quickly recover.

Breathe In and Breathe Out

Taking a moment to breathe and relax is important when you’re having a problem with panic attacks. This is because controlled deep breathing is better than hyperventilating and gasping for air. Deep breathing has a calming effect on the body and it can help you slowly calm yourself during or before a panic attack

Focus on Something Else

One of the things that is common among people that have panic attacks is that they tend to focus more on the panic and less on what they can do to prevent it. Don’t be one of them and instead try to focus your attention away from the panic attack. Instead of focusing on the panic attack, focus on what you can do to stop it or focus on something you enjoy doing. Out of sight, out of mind is something that you should always keep in mind when having a panic attack.

Seek Professional Help

Not everyone will be able to help themselves or help a loved one when it comes to panic disorder. Especially since it can come out of nowhere and easily affect someone who isn’t in the right state of mind. The best thing you can do for someone experiencing it is to bring them to a medical professional that can help them cope with its effects. Contact us today to help someone with panic disorder and give them back control of their lives!



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