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The Importance of Drug Addiction Support

Unlike many of us may think, succeeding to quit drugs and alcohol does not mean full
recovery from drug addiction. In fact, it is only the first step in the recovery process.
Having a wide drug addiction support network makes all the difference. Without it, drug
addiction recovery cannot be maintained.

There can be many sources of drug addiction supports. It can be found through
professional services, family and the community.

Professional Drug Addiction Support

Drug abuse and drug dependence are mental illnesses to be managed in order to
combat drug addiction. This therefore makes drug addicts able to seek help from
medical and mental health resources. There are psychotherapists that can provide
drug addiction support.

Who can be expected in a professional support group?

 Psychologists or Therapists: They are the ones who conduct psychotherapy
and other therapies necessary for recovery.

 Psychiatrists: They are the ones who treat the mental illnesses linked with
drug addiction.

 Doctors: They are needed for medical issues generally caused by drug use or
drug abuse treatment

 Social Workers: They help in coping with life issues that came from drug

Community Drug Addiction Support

A recovering addict can also get support from anyone outside the clinic. Drug
addiction support involves putting up a list of people, places and hobbies to go to
in times of distress over addiction issues.

The ideal support group comes from a sober living home. These homes are
capable to provide support during and after drug addiction treatment. It is also rest
assured that they will get all the support they need because everyone around are
also recovering from drug addiction. No one would feel judged in these homes
while recovering.

Aside from these homes, community drug addiction support can also come from
family and close friends, other sober addicts, and spiritual advisors.

Drug addiction support groups are needed to officially complete the drug addiction
treatment. The treatment continuous as long as needed so a support group should be
present all the way.

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