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The Most Important Depression Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Depression is a medical illness that can occur to anyone. It is not something that can be willed away. Patients with depression need treatment and support.

Diagnosing depression can be tricky as everyone gets their low moments at some point. So, how do you know if you have depression? Here is a list of important symptoms of depression to guide you.

1. Persistent Depressive Mood

Having a depressive mood is not just feeling sad all the time. Some of those who have it may be able to talk to peers and appear happy but there’s a feeling of emptiness and numbness from within. The nature of depressive mood may vary between patients.

2. Anxiety Symptoms

Patients with depression also often show signs of anxiety.

Anxiety and depression are usually due to stress from recent events or from experiences dating back to childhood.

3. Chronic Fatigue

It is normal to become tired and become better after a good night’s sleep or after resting enough. However, chronic fatigue is different. It is something not relieved by rest.

Patients with depression often feel restless all the time and experience total lack of energy.

4. Loss of Interest

Those suffering from depression may lose interest in activities that they’ve once enjoyed. They are unable to sustain the enjoyment over time.

Depression patients tend to show fake emotions and will have a hard time adjusting to social situations.

5. Self-Blaming Emotions

Patients with major depression often feel worthless and blame themselves for almost everything. They tend to misinterpret minor setbacks as result of their personal shortcomings. This is considered by many patients as one of the most bothering symptoms of depression.

6. Sleeping Disorders

Depression can cause sleep disturbance among patients.

They may experience difficulty in falling asleep or they find themselves frequently awake during the night. This is a critical symptom as it affects the quality of life in depressed patients.

7. Suicidal Thoughts

Patients suffering from depression may often experience thoughts of death. When suicidal ideation occurs, there is a risk of suicidal attempt in some patients.

Depression is a serious medical illness being suffered by millions of people worldwide. Fortunately, it can be treated. Once diagnosed with depression, you don’t have to deal with it quietly.

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