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The Things You Can Do to Support Someone with Depression

Depression is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a serious but treatable
disorder that affects so many people. Those who suffer from it know very well how
extremely exhausting and painful it is.

For someone who is living with depression, support from family and friends can make a
huge difference. Although you can’t get rid of their depression, you can give them the
support and encouragement that they need.

If you are concerned with a loved one who has depression, here is a guide that could
help you to support them better.

 See to it that you understand depression.

If you’re reading this blog because you want to know how you can help, then you
are on the right track. Take time to look deeply into depression. In this way, you’ll
know what to do and how to communicate with someone who’s living with it.

Learn about the Different Faces of Depression and Their Usual Symptoms.

 Listen more. Don’t judge.

If someone shares with you that they’re depressed, try to offer them your ears
and not your advice. What they need is the feeling of being acknowledged.

 Encourage them to participate in uplifting activities.

Invite them to join you in some activities that could shift their mood and
perspective. Try doing some exercise or any physical activities. You can also try
going on a movie date with them or eating good food with them. These are
simple gestures that could mean a lot to them. They may refuse at first but you
have to continue on patiently asking them.

 Keep in touch.

It is important to check in often with the person you’re concerned with. Constantly
ask them how they are doing and try to stay connected to them. Set time to catch
up with them.

 Let them know that help is available.

When someone suffers from depression, they may feel indifferent. Let them know
that it is not the case. Assure them that depression is common and that it is fine
to reach out to a doctor or a therapist who can give them all the help that they



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