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Understanding Childhood Disintegrative Syndrome

Autism spectrum disorders can be difficult to manage. However, one type of disorder under the autism spectrum can be one of the most threatening. This is called Childhood Disintegrative Syndrome or CDS for short. But what exactly is this syndrome under the autism spectrum?

What is Childhood Disintegrative Syndrome?

Childhood Disintegrative Syndrome is a fairly mysterious disorder because of how it occurs is not known. It is suggested to be caused by the neurobiology of a child’s brain. Children with this disorder tend to have abnormal ECGs or brain scans.

This is a disorder that very few people will have. In fact, it only occurs in 1.7 people out of 100,000. Despite the low numbers of this disorder, it can be extremely devastating to whoever is experiencing it. This is because of how the disorder affects the person. The main symptoms of the disorder includes:

Delayed Learning and Growth

One of the key symptoms of this disorder is the fact that anyone who has it will have difficulty learning new things. This includes their emotional, mental and psychological growth. This symptom can be fairly difficult to identify because of how this disorder mainly affects young children. One can easily just assume that a child is slow and needs more time to learn. However, that may not be the case and the child may have this childhood disintegrative syndrome.

Loss of Previous Skills 

The most obvious signs that a child has this disorder is that they start losing previously acquired skills. This can include everything from their ability to speak to their ability to control their bowel movement. This is what makes this disorder exceptionally devastating not just for the person in question, but also for his or her family. The child may even be aware of them losing certain skills and question why this is happening to them. 

How Do You Avoid or Treat CDS?

Currently there is no known way to avoid CDS as the source of this disorder is not known. A cure is also not available as of the writing of this article as it is still a mystery as to how this disorder occurs. However, there are treatments that are available that can help a child recover to some degree. All of these require the help of professionals that can cater to the needs and demands of someone with one of the most devastating autism spectrum disorders. 

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