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Understanding the Effect of Childhood Depression On Growth

Childhood is one of the most impactful times of growth for a person. It is when they learn how to deal with the world around them and how to interact with others. It is when a child learns everything they’re going to need for adulthood. But what happens when a child has a case of childhood depression during this critical stage of development?

How Depression Can Affect a Child’s Growth

Depression is a crippling disorder that can easily cause problems for a person. However, it’s impact is even more felt in children. Childhood depression can have a negative effect on the growth of young children and it can affect them into their adulthood. We’re going to explore what happens to children and their growth in today’s article.

Problems With Social Interaction In The Future

Social interaction is an essential part of our society. You interact with others on a daily basis and childhood is where a child becomes familiar with social norms and etiquette. However, depression can cause problems for a child as they learn how to socially interact. They become more withdrawn and can appear unapproachable.

Development of New Mental Disorders

Childhood depression isn’t the only mental concern that parents have to worry about. Anxiety, ADHD, OCD and many other mental disorders can also cause problems for their kids. They are an even bigger problem if an affected person has more than one mental issue at the same time. Depression is a common link between these mental disorders and having it could mean that a child can develop others.

Increase in Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

One way for people to deal with stress and other problems is to have a coping mechanism. These coping mechanisms can come in various forms. They can meditate, relax or something similar. However, there are also unsafe and unhealthy coping mechanisms like drinking and drug intake. These unhealthy coping mechanisms are more common in people who have depression.

Issues In Education

Learning is an essential part of growth. Especially in our society where a child’s academic performance has an effect on their career and future as a whole. However, depression can cause issues for these children as it hampers their ability to learn. 

Reckless and Suicidal Behavior In Children

Depression has a large number of effects on the thinking of a child. However, one behavioral change that stands out is how it causes them to lose their confidence and self worth. This is a problem for them because of how it can change how they think and act around others. They can take unnecessary risks or even become suicidal over time. 

What Can Be Done About Childhood Depression?

Childhood depression is a major concern that needs to be tackled as early as possible to minimize its effects. However, you need to ensure that it is dealt with by a professional for the best results. Professional intervention is always going to be one of the best solutions for dealing with childhood depression. CNS Center Arizona provides the best care for children facing mental dilemmas and other concerns. Contact us today for a consultation! 



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