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Understanding Your Angsty Teenager

Every parent’s concern is their children’s success in life and it can be hard to tell whether your child is succeeding. Especially if he or she is shut in and angry at you for no reason at all. Many parents become frustrated because of their children’s behavior as soon as they hit their teen years. Parents sometimes forget that this is part of a normal teenager’s development and it is important to understand what your teenager is going through. 

Teen Angst and Your Teenager

Teen angst is caused by a myriad of changes in your child’s bodies. Their minds and bodies slowly develop and transition to that of an adult. The journey from the start of puberty and adulthood can be a tough one. For teenagers, understanding these changes can help them cope and adapt to their situation better while their parents help them during their teenage years. 

Hormonal Changes

Children experience a sudden influx of new hormones that push them forward to adulthood. Testosterone and estrogen are some of the most talked about regarding teenagers. Mainly because these hormones cloud the judgement of your teenagers. It does have its uses however, as it prepares them for having their own family in the future. Who doesn’t want to be a proud grandmother or grandfather of a successful adult in the future?

Peer Pressure

Teenagers tend to spend more time with their peers and would rather be with them than with their parents. This is their response to trying to fit in with a group other than their family. This behavior helps them make meaningful and healthy connections in the future. These can be anything from business connections to making connections to start their own family. 

Gaining Their Independence

More often than not, teenagers become rebels in their own home and strive to gain their independence from their parents. This might seem like your child no longer cares about you and simply wants to leave. This is more apparent when they choose their peers over you. However, this is a healthy reaction to becoming a teenager as it helps them transition to becoming independent and fully functioning adults in the future. Generic Xanax online

Aggressive Behavior and Risk Taking

A teenager is more inclined to taking risks not just for the thrill of it. But due to the fact that various parts of their brain develop slower than others. The part of the brain that takes care of risk assessment is one of the last parts to fully develop. The part of the brain that handles reward however, is one of the fastest parts of their brain to develop. This means that they’d first think of the carrot at the end of the stick and the risks of getting it second. They will take the dumbest risks that no adult would ever dream of taking as long as they get their fill of adrenaline and it’s even more apparent if when they have several of their friends pressuring them to. 

The most important thing for any parent to do is to understand the changes their children are going through and to stay patient despite the loud music blaring out of their room. It’s all part of the changes needed to make sure that your child grows into a fully functioning adult in his or her own right.



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