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What is Asperger’s Syndrome and What Can You Do About It?

You may have noticed a few children in your lifetime who were socially awkward and couldn’t make eye contact. The child may be your own even. You might think that they’re just naturally just shy. However, this could be the early signs that they have Asperger’s Syndrome.

Understanding Asperger’s Syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome is part of the autism spectrum and is certainly a large concern for most parents. This is because of how it can cause problems for the child’s future. They will be socially awkward and will have difficulty interacting with other children of their age. This awkwardness will carry on into adulthood if nothing is done to fix it. However, the first thing you should be doing before looking for a cure is to make sure that your child actually has it. We’ve listed down a few of the common signs that children show if they have Asperger’s syndrome.

Avoidance of Eye Contact

We’ve previously mentioned the most common symptom of Asperger’s. One of the most obvious signs that a child has it is that they frequently avoid eye contact. They are unable to maintain eye contact for an extended period of time and often feel threatened by it.

Difficulty Understanding or Displaying Emotions

People display a wide range of emotions that can show how they feel about a given situation. A person with this disorder will have difficulty picking up on those. They might not know that their friend is feeling sad or that you’re mad at them for staying past their bedtime. In even rarer cases, someone with this disorder will have difficulty showing emotions themselves.

An Intense Interest In One Subject

This symptom is what separates Asperger’s Syndrome from other disorders in the autism spectrum. Children and adults will have an intense and burning passion for a certain subject. They would know the most obscure facts about their interest. They may even collect an unreasonable amount of trinkets and bobbles that are related to the topic. This can easily be mistaken for great enthusiasm for their topic of choice, but can be the sign of something deeper.

Available Solutions for Asperger’s Syndrome

This mental disorder isn’t easy to overcome for both children and adults suffering from it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t beat it. The best solutions for this disorder will always come from medical professionals providing assistance. These can come in the form of various therapies, medications and training classes.


Therapy is one of the safest ways to help an individual suffering from a range of mental disorders; Asperger’s included. There are a number of different therapy styles that can work for children and adults alike. 


Medication is a secondary solution to helping treat Asperger’s. It is usually paired with therapy in order to maximize the effect of good professional help. However, it should be known that not all medication will be effective for everyone. 

Training Classes

Unlike therapy, training classes are usually taken in groups. This is where a number of individuals with this disorder can help each other overcome it. This method can be effective as a way to let these individuals find their own solutions in a safe environment with a professional overseeing everything.



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