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What to Know About Social Anxiety Disorder

We are all aware of the feeling of uneasiness in a social setting. Getting nervous when facing a
crowd or during your first day at your new job is normal. But when the nervousness gets too
intense that it interferes with how you live your life, then you might be one of the many people
diagnosed with social anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety disorder or social phobia is one of the most commonly diagnosed anxiety
disorder. Among the diagnosed individuals, the majority is coming from the teenage bracket.

When you suspect a member of your family having social anxiety disorder, then it is best to
seek for treatment as early as possible.

Here are the things to watch for in people who have social phobia. Socially anxious individuals
can possibly be having a hard time with the following.

 Meeting strangers and talking to them
 Delivering speech in public
 Dating
 Being in a party
 Making eye contact
 Walking in crowded places
 Entering a room
 Eating in front of others

They don’t have to be anxious of doing all these. They can be comfortable with talking one-on-
one with people but is overly shy when the crowd becomes greater than two. People with social
anxiety disorder can experience it in varied ways.

One thing that’s common with socially anxious people is extreme fear. They fear about being
judged and humiliated. A person with social phobia may feel as if all eyes are on him.

Understand the Thin Line Between Worries and Anxiety Disorder

What triggers them to be anxious?

Genetics can somehow be the culprit. But it can also be linked with a person’s experience in the
past. They may be bullied or teased a lot during their childhood. Those who were shy during
their younger years can high likely be socially anxious adults. That is why early diagnosis and
treatment is critical.

Social anxiety disorder is not just a phase. It’s a chronic disorder that prevents people from
living their lives. It could affect relationships and significantly affect your mental and emotional



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