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What to Look for in a Dissociative Identity Disorder Therapist

Dissociative identity disorder treatment is highly challenging and complicated. There are
many things to consider in choosing the best therapy for DID. Knowing the qualities to
look for in a therapist is significant in managing and treating DID.

When looking for a therapist for DID, there can be many things to think of. There might
be countless questions when getting a therapist. Is he capable enough to treat my DID
symptoms? Do I need a specialist? What treatment methods will he or she give me?

Here is a list of qualities to look for in therapist.

 He can develop a trusting relationship with his patients.

 He is dedicated to continuously research on the condition of his patients.

 He acknowledges DID and makes no judgment of the patient.

 He does not assume that his patients are lying of his symptoms even if the
statements made are inconsistent.

 He is able to adjust to the needs of his patients. A good therapist sees to it at all
times that the needs of his patients are properly addressed.

 He would give his patients advice regularly on his availability. Since he considers
his patients’ welfare, he makes sure that in case he is unavailable, he could
provide someone to temporarily attend to his patients especially in emergency

 He evaluates his patients case by case. He can initiate to provide additional
sessions if necessary. He is able to assess whether or not you will be needing
more support.

 He actively checks on his patients. He is more than willing to accommodate all
his patients’ phone calls or messages.

 He is committed to the long journey of treatment with his patients. DID is a
lifelong disorder so he should be open in going through this with his patients. He
will be there even in tough times.

 He has all the patience in the world. A good therapist’s best trait is being patient.
A highly patient therapist is a highly capable therapist.

Above all, the kind of relationship a patient and a therapist have is the one that
makes the most difference. A patient and a therapist should work hand in hand with
each other.



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